About Natasha Rhodes

Natasha Rhodes is a British-born author of eight (and counting!) Dark Fantasy/ Action / Horror novels and movie novelizations, including the smash-hit movie blockbusters ‘Blade 3: Trinity,’ ‘Final Destination: The Movie’ (1 and 2), ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street: Perchance To Dream.’

Natasha’s original Dark Fantasy series featuring Werewolf Hunter, Kayla Steele, kicks off with ‘Dante’s Girl’ and ‘The Last Angel.’ The third novel in the series, ‘Circus of Sins’ was recently released to occasional critical acclaim.

Natasha currently lives in Orange County and works in IT, although she is considering taking up a less dangerous occupation, such as mud-wrestling bulls or naked bee-keeping.

She is also one of the last people on earth to learn how to use ‘Twitter’.


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